Thursday, January 25, 2007

"3 hour" sweater??!

I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but apart from my sewing exploits, i also knit and crochet... just a little.

There's a link over on the right to Eunny Jang's knitting web page, who really is a knitting Diva. Her stuff is incredible and truly inspiring... take a look if you don't know her work already.

I think i first learnt to knit in primary school, or maybe my Mum taught me? Not really sure. Then at some point during my early teens i saw a program on TV with Kaffe Fasset, where he taught colourwork, and i dabbled with that for a while, making knit little pictures etc. But, i didn't really carry on with the interest until i picked it up again maybe a year or two ago, and actually started to try and knit THINGS.

So, I've just started my adventure in knitting my first ever sweater!! Thanks to this knitalong over at Craftster, I've taken the plunge :D

Maybe it was the promise of instant gratification in the title of the pattern chosen (a lovely loose knit design from the 1930's... very classy!)that egged me on, but who are they trying to kid?? 3 Hour Sweater? .... this is my progress after over 4 hours knitting away, and i haven't even got half the back piece done!

Well, i shall persevere :) I'm determined to stick it out until i actually FINISh it!

Will keep you all posted...

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