Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Not your usual Crayola - works by Pete Goldlust

Some of you may have noticed that I've been gradually adding to the links on the righthand sidebar of the blog. One page that is a definate "must see" is the blog over at Make magazine.

Crammed full of ingenious diy inventions, inspirations and weirdness, they have recently featured these amazing works by artist Pete Goldlust.

So simple yet so beautiful and original.

My first reaction was to rush off and find the box where my old wax crayons are buried and get to work with a good sharp knife. However, theres no way i'd get anywhere near the perfection seen here... and with my clumsyness, I'd be sure to end up with a couple of fingers less!
Hope you enjoy, and are as amazed as I was... and don't forget to checkout Pete Goldlust's own web page!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

i did do 'something' today...

Well, today hasn't been as busy as it should've been... Yesterday i got ALOT done, but then today i overslept to start with, had errands to run in the morning (take the new tops i finished yesterday down to Nina's boutique, call in and queue forever to ship out the latest sale from my Etsy store, call in to the bank, shop for food to remedy my empty fridge, etc), and, as i knew the massive tidy-up that was waiting for me when i got home, i procrastinated and went round to a friends for lunch!

Then, here i am, sat at the computer this evening, determined not to let a "wee" matter of html-coding prevent me from finally managing to put an image as a header for my blog. Well, as you can see i managed it.... only taken me TWO HOURS!!! Two hours that i could have better employed tidying up the studio, sorting the fabrics and notions that are piling up, and generally getting organised...

Today's picture is my new desktop image, taken a couple of days ago on a mid-afternoon escape we made to Sitges. I could sit for hours watching the sea...


La foto de hoy es la que he puesto nueva de fondo de escritorio en mi ordenador... es de una escapada que hicimos hace un para de días a Sitges. Me encanta...

Bueno, no he aprovechado del día de hoy como tenía pensado...
Ayer, sí que conseguí hacer mucha cosa, pero hoy me desperté tarde para empezar, y luego tenía un monton de recado para hacer por la mañana (llevar los tops nuevos que acabé ayer a la tienda de Nina, pasar por correos y hacer cola eternamente para enviar la última venta de mi tienda Etsy, ir al banco, ir al supermercado para intentar poner remdia a mi frigorífico vacío, etcetera), y como bien sabía tarea inmensa de ordenar que me esperaba a casa, me hice la lista y fui a comer a casa de una amiga ;P

Y ahora estoy, esta noche, habiendo pasado 2 horas (!) para poder poner el imagen que veis como nuevo "header" de este blog! Estaba decidida que esta pequeña ccomplicación de no entender nada de nada de htnl no me iba a impedir... pero dos horas son mucho!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

shirt work

Been busy working on a few things these days, and one i actually got finished was the first menswear piece in my collection.

Here it is...

Its actually sold already, which i'm really pleased about, but, does mean its time to get working on more for my shop, as its been far too long since I've managed to list new items!


He estado bastante ocupado con varias cosas estos días, pero una que conseguí acabar es esta... La primera pieza de "menswear" de mi colección.

Y ya se vendió, que es excelente! Pero quiere decir que tengo que poner manos a la obra para hacer más para mi tienda... que ya hace demasiado que no he conseguido listar ningún item nuevo!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Saturday Night Vintage"... remixed!

Hahahaha, sorry, just had to add this, as i found it so funny, and unfortunately it doesn't translate into Spanish well...

Theres a wacky "translator" tool over here that will "translate" any web page you tell it into the dialect you choose... here's what it made of my post from a few days ago, called "Saturday Night Vintage", tranlated into Cockney!

I think its hilarious!!!!!!.... love the "bloomin' pipin' detail" bit!!

I'm bloody well quite taken wiv this bag: a more elegant fabric purse that reminds me of them excellent vintage "Granny Bags" yer can find wiv a bit of luck in an 'idden oray junk shop ;P

I repeated the bloomin' pipin' detail 'round the edge of the flap and lined the bloomin' bag wiv a gorgeous contrastin' bright pink fabric...., do wot guvnor! i luv the bloody flash of colour wen yer delve inside!

I made the button meself too.... it's actually a five centimos euro coin, wiv waddin' ter give it a luvly domed shape and covered wiv the same vinyl/polipiel as the base of the bag ;P

This 'andbag and many more are available at my online shop over at Etsy.

You can find out more about Cockney Rhyming Slang, in english, here , or try out another translator here.

Y, en castellano, puedes descubrir más sobre el Cocnkey Rhyming Slang aquí

Friday, December 01, 2006

more prototypes / otra diversificacion

Heres a quick sneak preview of what I'm working on at the moment...

Its a good couple of years since i've made a tailored shirt... so its slow going while a try and remember all the steps.

It is actually further along than in this picture: now just missing the cuffs, the hem, the buttons and the buttonholes -aaarghhhh the buttonholes!

.... HAce ya muchos posts que quiero escribir en castellano también, pero soy una gandula. Sorry!. Bueno, ahí va... salta/ignora todas las faltas de ortografía y gramática ¿vale?... esto me será una buena práctica!!

Aquí os dejo un adelanto de lo que estoy creando ahora :)

Hace ya un par de años desde que hice una camisa de vestir ... que quiere decir que estoy tardando un poco mucho, mientras intento recordarme de todos los pasos a seguir!

Realmente está ya más adelantado de lo que se ve en la foto... ahora sólo le faltan los puños, el bajos, los botones y los ojales (ODIO hacer ojales!!!).

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Saturday Night Vintage

She's finished :)

I'm quite taken with this bag: a more elegant fabric purse that reminds me of those excellent vintage "Granny Bags" you can find with a bit of luck in a hidden away junk shop ;P

I repeated the piping detail around the edge of the flap and lined the bag with a gorgeous contrasting bright pink fabric..... i love the flash of colour when you delve inside!

I made the button myself too.... it's actually a five centimos euro coin, with wadding to give it a lovely domed shape and covered with the same vinyl/polipiel as the base of the bag ;P

This handbag and many more are available at my online shop over at Etsy.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Is it time for some christmas shopping already?

This is the store front at Nina's (c/Verdi, 39, Gracia, Barcelona) ... and we're in the window display!!!!!! The red and white striped short-sleeve top on the left ;P

Thursday, November 23, 2006

figuring it out .... another bag in the making

I like bags with shape.
So, I've been working on alternatives that give a bag stability (other than interfacing and sandwiching sturdier materials between outer and lining) and that also become an original and interesting design feature,

I've also been trying my hand at "faux-leather" and I must say I'm quite liking the possiblities, mixing it with other more elegant and natural fabrics.

I'm quite taken to the texture on this base ... reminds me of tyre-tracks! and works unbelievably well as a shaping for this little handbag-in-the-making :)

What do you think?

Monday, November 20, 2006

KATSAI is in the shops!!!

Ok, well, just one shop, for now, but what a place to start!

Nina's (c/Verdi 39, 08012 Barcelona) is the most exquisite little boutique and has the most amazing designs... the majority of which are lovingly designed and made by Nina herself in the studio at the back of the shop.

Nina's shop is a classic in the Gracia fashion-shopping scene, and was one of the first designer boutiques to open up in the neighbouhood. I just feel so honoured to have my clothes there!

THANKYOU, Nina, if you're reading this, for all your support ;P

So, these were the four models I've been working on over the last couple of days. Two short-sleeved tops and two 3/4 length sleeved tops, one of each in the black/white colourway, and in the red/white colourway.

They are simple cuts, made out of flowy ever-so-slightly striped fabric, that drape for a casual-chic look, that is topped-off by the contrasting bands around the wide boatneck and sleeves.

I hope you like... and be sure to check them out in person!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A busy couple of days...

Well, have I been busy these last couple of days! Working on new stuff, and adapting another of my designs for an amazing local boutique... i'll "show and tell" when its all finished, but til then just passing through to say hi and then its back to the grindstone for me ;P

I nearly forgot! I also wanted to say how thrilled i am at having some of my bags featured on not one, but TWO "Treasury Lists" over at Etsy!!!!
Each "Treasury" selection is chosen by an Etsy member, so they can showcase items from their favoutire stores. Other members can come in, look around, and even chat or leave comments with others viewing that same selection. There is a limit to the number of Treasuries at one time.... so there is usually a queue to manage to get one!

And the lists only last 2 days.... so if you want to see the ones I'm in you'd better be quick, here are direct links:

Yaelfran's Treasury List
Suebeart's Treasury List

Thanks girls! ... Must get my act together and get in line for my own little Treasury :)

... still haven't worked out what the little speaker is for in the Treasury heading bar..... I don't hear anything :(

Friday, November 17, 2006

OK, so i'm a sucker for a "good" gadget

What are they gonna come up with next? And WHY am I immediately sucked-in by any new fangled gadget fad?!

Spanish electronics and appliances company, Fagor, have just announced their hi-tech answer to the turmoils of giving up smoking: The Nicostopper.

This handy little gadget acts as a dosifier-come-pshychologist, rationing your daily cigarette count and supposedly offering you advice to help you give up the habit.

Reportedly, its creators say that 75% of smokers who have tested it out have managed to give up for the 6 months the trials have been on the go. OK, so its on my christmas list....

Here is a link to the full story, with videos, in Spanish. Couldn't actually find any further details in english.... must be just we spanish-residing citizens who still maintain the ugly habit that is smoking ;P

Thursday, November 16, 2006

more behind the scenes at Katsai (a.k.a. My Dream Jacket!)

Thought I'd give you all another peek behind the scenes over here at Katsai ;P
I posted about this jacket and got some lovely feedback over at Craftser (you can see the buzz here...).

It really was a labour of love, as I had such a strong image in my head of what I wanted, that many a pattern draft and alteration, followed by mock-ups and tweaks were the order of the day to get things just right.

So, this is what I wanted...

.... and this is what i ended up with...

...and, heres some of what i had to go through to get there!

My Dream Jacket is also available at my etsy shop, ... with details on sizing, materials, etc...

PS: I was accepted to the Etsy Seller Who Blog ring (see new link on sidebar).... thanks Ubercherry!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

v2 unveiled

Well the waiting is finally over!

Version 2 of Etsy was put in place this weekend and all us Etsy Sellers have sparkly-shiny new shops :) Come over and check them out... just, don't ALL come at once, as sweet little "V2" -as she's affectionately known- is still learning the ropes!

And, again, if you haven't come across Etsy as yet, your missing out ;P
To give you a jump-start, here's a link to a little animated spot thats been found on YouTube... really cute! AND, take note, the character's place are in Katsai colours.... that must be a sign!


My sparkly-shiny new shop

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Isn't she pretty...?

It's finished! Took me a LONG time to get it done, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The pocket works really well, and its a little bit "different", don't you think?

This bag is available at my Etsy store... here

Monday, November 13, 2006

New bag in the making...

Well, while Etsy has been down this weekend, I've been spending my time trying to finally figure out an idea that i've been toying around with for well over a year. I wanted to make the front pocket the "feature" of a bag, and knew how i wanted it to turn out but just hadn't found the time to sit down and figure out the logics of it.

Its just actually pinned together in these pics, but as you can see, the front pocket is a cut-out circle, with contrasting ribbing so it stands out ;P
I'm really pleased with how this bag is turning out... hopefully I'll get it finished today and some decent photos taken.

Theres alot still to be done, eh?!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm "claiming my blog"!

It's claimed!
Technorati blog directory
For all you Bloggers out there, go visit Technorati! It's a great site that allows you to search for links to any web, blog etc. and helps you to follow your favourite blogs hassle-free.
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A little bit about Etsy

If you don't know Etsy, then you're missing out on the opportunity to both buy completely original things, made by some skilled crafter or artist, or sell your own creations to a worldwide audience of appreciative buyers looking for that "something different". The majority of members are based in the US and Canada, but Etsy has an ever-growing International community (me inculded) that are made welcome and catered for by our buddies across the ocean...

I opened my own shop a little while ago, and must admit that Etsy is addictive. There are so many shops and so many great finds and wonderful people that far to many an hour is spent window-shopping and hanging out in the forums...

Etsy is offline this weekend -as the admin team upgrade the site software to the long awaited "V2" - but will be back online as of tomorrow, Monday 13th November. With this upgrade, many features are being added that'll make the site a whole lot more user-friendly for both shoppers and shopwners.

El Estreno

Well, here I am, "estrenando" my brand spanking new Blog.
Whats to come? Now that would be telling...