Sunday, January 28, 2007

DIY stripes

I find it really hard to get hold of interesting fabrics locally, and as the fabric store nearest to home has been closed all week, i've had a go and printing my own...

Yesterday I cracked out the fabric paint left over from when i used to print t-shirts, and after a while of measuring, masking and painting, here are the results :)

As you can see, I started easy: stripes!

I'm really pleased how it turned out, although it did soak up a hell-of-alot of paint :( Going to have to get more supplies in for the next lot...


Ultimamente me he cansado un poco de lo dificil que lo encuentro comprar telas interesantes. Entonces, y como podéis ver, he decidido experimentar un poco con las pinturas textiles que me quedan de cuando estampaba camisetas! Aquí tienes los resultados ;P

Me encanta esta pintura, porque despues de lavarlo queda muy integrado a la tela... no como pintura acrílica mezclado con no-sé-que-líquido que se supone que lo hace más suave y resistente en telas (que fue lo primero que probé con las camisetas), pero que en la realidad deja la tela dura como un piedra y se agrieta al lavar :( Ésta es mucho mejor!

Me sorprenió la cantidad de pintura que chupó este retal por eso.... habrá que comprar más provisiones para la siguiente aventura ;P

I'm thinking of using this newly printed cotton to make a couple more tops like this one ...using the stripes for the top part, and either brown or black plain cotton for the rest.

I'll be sure to post a pic of the finished thing when its done ;P

Thursday, January 25, 2007

"3 hour" sweater??!

I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but apart from my sewing exploits, i also knit and crochet... just a little.

There's a link over on the right to Eunny Jang's knitting web page, who really is a knitting Diva. Her stuff is incredible and truly inspiring... take a look if you don't know her work already.

I think i first learnt to knit in primary school, or maybe my Mum taught me? Not really sure. Then at some point during my early teens i saw a program on TV with Kaffe Fasset, where he taught colourwork, and i dabbled with that for a while, making knit little pictures etc. But, i didn't really carry on with the interest until i picked it up again maybe a year or two ago, and actually started to try and knit THINGS.

So, I've just started my adventure in knitting my first ever sweater!! Thanks to this knitalong over at Craftster, I've taken the plunge :D

Maybe it was the promise of instant gratification in the title of the pattern chosen (a lovely loose knit design from the 1930's... very classy!)that egged me on, but who are they trying to kid?? 3 Hour Sweater? .... this is my progress after over 4 hours knitting away, and i haven't even got half the back piece done!

Well, i shall persevere :) I'm determined to stick it out until i actually FINISh it!

Will keep you all posted...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

new addition to the "Katsai" familiy

Well, since my last post made more of the Shirt-Skirt... or Tie-Thai skirt (haven't decided on a real name yet) for Nina's boutique.

AND the black top I'd featured here has sold on my Etsy shop. I posted it mid-week and so it should be reaching it's new owner any day now!

I want to make another one -or maybe two- of the black top for listing in Etsy, as it seems to have been a popular design (had many "hearts" in "see who hearts this item" over on the righthand side of the item listing on Etsy).

AND, maybe, just maybe, the NEW MEMBER of the Katsai Klan can help me out on this one ;P Here she is!!

She's a larger sized dress form than the one i already have, so my idea is to get to work seriously on offering more sizes of my designs :) My new friend is a spanish size 40-42, which I think translates as a US10-12... which would then be a UK 12-14... ahhhh, so many numbers and sizes, i can see my heads going to be full of them these next few days ;P

I also made a new handbag and listed it on Etsy, here is a link to go take a look!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

happy 2007!!

Its been faaaarrrr too long. Apologies to anyone who called by and saw the same old post for the last few days... weeks... no, sorry, its now a MONTH since i posted!

I took a time away from the computer in the end over the holidays. Did you all have a good break over christmas and new year? I had a great time, visiting family, having family visits and generally eating and drinking far too much all round ;P

I've also started off the year with a big effort on the Katsai front.

I've posted a number of new pieces at my Etsy shop and am busy working on more designs for Nina's boutique.

The pictures are of some of the things i've been working on.... hope you like :)


Ha pasado demasiado tiempo desde que escribí la última vez... un MES para ser exacto! Pido disculpas a cualquier que haya pasado por aquí estas últimas semanas para acabar viendo el mismo post ;P

Al final tome un pequeño descanso del ordenador duranto las fiestas. Empezó cuando fui a visitar la family en inglaterra antes de navidad, y despues con todas las distracciones y celebraciones fueron pasando los días sin que me diera cuenta. Pero he pasado muy bien las navidades y año nuevo. Como siempre se trata de comer y beber demasiado y empiezas el nuevo año con necesidades de una buena desintoxicación! ¿Y vosotros? Espero que lo hayais pasado muy bien :)

Por otra parte creo haber empezado el año con buen pie, y con buenos esfuerzos para hacer algo más serio con el tema "Katsai".

Ya estos días he listado varias cosas nuevas en mi tienda Etsy, y estoy preparando nuevos diseños para la tienda de Nina.

Las fotos son de algunas de las cosas que he estado trabajando.... espero que gusten!