Sunday, February 18, 2007


Aaaarghhhhhhh!!!..... I'm without my broadband internet connection!

This week has been pretty frustrating. Apart from spending the first half of it down with 'flu, to top it off my router has gone kapput and i have to wait till my internet service provider send out a replace... which could be a late as the end of the month :(

How frustrating is this?! In the meantime i'm back to dial-up connection, and just quick check-ins on the shop and email, so i may not be posting for a week or so. Hopefully things'll sort sooner than expected :D

Thursday, February 08, 2007

We're getting there!

Well, we're getting there!

Been particularly busy this week working on new designs, new colour combinations, and "producing" for both Nina's Boutique and my Etsy shop.

This red top has been popular, both at Etsy and the shop here on C/Verdi, and so now i've chosen another fabric combination... and also adapted it into a short shift-style dress!

This dress is a little large on me (I'm extending the Katsai size range)... but you get the idea.

Until i get hold of more of the khaki green fabric, this version is only available at Nina's... but i'm searching ;P

Thursday, February 01, 2007

teeny-weeny handstitched mini journals!

I make these as a little-something-extra-free-gift for my customers on Etsy and finally remembered to take some pictures before sending!

I make them out of my business cards, and handstitch the pages together using Coptic Stitch.

I really love them, but, come to think of it, no receiver has actually commented anything on them as yet.... maybe its just me thats obsessed with notebooks, journals and everything paper?!