Friday, May 23, 2008

Bangles are back!

If any of you have visited my shop over at Etsy of late, you'll see that I've started making my fabric bangles again... must just be that time of year! Its warm (if somewhat wet) here, and for me short-sleeves just means bangle-time :)

If you're the curious type, you can read about my trials and tribulations developing the technique in the original "presentation" post way-back-when last year here.

They're so addictive to make, and I just can't wait to see what some of the other new fabrics I've bought since I was last making them will turn-out like when "bangalised" ;P

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The new blue toile tunic top in my last post seems to be quite popular at the moment (3 sold to date and more lovely people interested in when I'll be making more!) so I made a trip down to the fabric shop today to pick up more of the bright blue cotton used for the main body pieces.

Needless to say -although I did manage to control myself pretty well in hindsight- I came home with more than I'd planned on shopping for. Why do I have absolutely no will-power whenever I go fabric shopping?!

The new acquisitions are a gorgeous and very original printed fine off-white cotton (the lined prints of the flowers has a sort of very subtle texture, like as if a very small amount of latex was added to the inks... gorgeous!) and a lovely retro geometric printed stretchy knit with lycra.

Mmmmmmmm! .... so many possibilities :)

EDIT: almost forgot! I've been adding to my website again over the last few days. I now have a second page (!) which is a "lookbook" -couldn't think of a better name.

Check it out here. I used the Splashr web-app featured in an earlier post and after a bit of tweaking am really pleased with the end result. Shame I can't get a white background though...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

version dos

I just finished this afternoon another of my new Toile tunics in Blue.

I love the fact that with the toile each one is completley unique, as I never get the same positioning twice... this one is for the "hen enthusiasts"!

It'll be listed tomorrow and is a size medium :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

...continuing with my spring clean

Continuing with my "digital" spring-clean, I've updated my web page to tie-in with the fresh new look.

Its still just a very basic "home" page, basically linking out to my other presences online, but I still have plans to make it into a more complete web presence in itself...

Needless-to-say I haven't figured out how to change this banner on my blog yet. Arrghhh! I really can't remember how I did it the first time around! I can manage to add a new one, but not actually replace (or remove) the one thats up now... I think maybe I found some online tutorial and fiddled with the HTML code :(

When will I ever learn not to tinker with things I don't understand?! Well, I shall persevere I guess.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

and this is a first

... first double-post-in-a-day!!!

There really has been lost of goings on since the last day I posted, and this one I think really deserves a post in itself, hence the double-dose today.

Sooooo, what's got me all excited is that I was recently invited to take part in my second ever online interview -and the first one ever in english - and it's just recently been published over at the Heart Handmade blog!

It all started not long ago when New York city blogger and crafter Marichelle contacted me to tell me about this new blog she'd recently launched, focusing on promoting handmade products and artists.

And when she told me that she's also trying to help all the people looking for handmade clothing on Etsy how could I resist the invitation to be a featured artist?!

You can read the full article here.

I'd also highly recommend taking a snoop around the rest of the blog, as there are some great interviews a gorgeous selections of the best of handmade. I also love the look of the blog, and I get the idea that Marichelle really enjoys working on it. She puts together such original and attractive layouts, with great illustrations, that really make browsing through her posts like a breath of fresh air!

And just today Marichelle launched another new feature on Heart Handmade, which is just such a fantastic idea. I think she's really onto a winner here with the Shop & Tell feature...

As if all the work on her blogs wasn't enough, this talented girl also runs her own Etsy shop! And I think I'm busy.....

Here's wishing her "mucho éxito" with this great new blog, and sending thanks for all the time and effort put into the Katsai feature :)


Thats right, been a very busy little worker bee since my last post!

Lots of "updating" has been afoot, not only in my shop...

But I've also been trying out new packaging ideas... (the jury is still out on this one, not sure that I found the right green, or the right bags, hmmm...)

...and I finally recived my new business cards! Wooppee!

Its been a long wait in the end, not nearly as quick as my first order when I first started out with Katsai.

And the poor blokey at the postoffice must be more relieved than I am that they finally arrived, as practically every trip I've made to the postoffice since I ordered them I've had him sifting through the packages to be picked-up, with the hope that they were sat there waiting for me and that the postman had some how forgotten to leave me the notice... ;P

And as you can see...

.... I think they're quite a photogenic bunch!

I also want to thank the lovely (and very talented) Danielle and the very talented (and equally lovely) Anuska for their input on my dilemma over updating my blog's banner. You convinced me!
Now lets see if I remember how I fiddled about with it last time to swap-over to the "new look" Katsai here too... gracias chicas!!