Friday, May 09, 2008

...continuing with my spring clean

Continuing with my "digital" spring-clean, I've updated my web page to tie-in with the fresh new look.

Its still just a very basic "home" page, basically linking out to my other presences online, but I still have plans to make it into a more complete web presence in itself...

Needless-to-say I haven't figured out how to change this banner on my blog yet. Arrghhh! I really can't remember how I did it the first time around! I can manage to add a new one, but not actually replace (or remove) the one thats up now... I think maybe I found some online tutorial and fiddled with the HTML code :(

When will I ever learn not to tinker with things I don't understand?! Well, I shall persevere I guess.

1 comment:

Krystin said...

Wow - I love this shirt! Will you be offering any more of these in your shop?