Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Thats right, been a very busy little worker bee since my last post!

Lots of "updating" has been afoot, not only in my shop...

But I've also been trying out new packaging ideas... (the jury is still out on this one, not sure that I found the right green, or the right bags, hmmm...)

...and I finally recived my new business cards! Wooppee!

Its been a long wait in the end, not nearly as quick as my first order when I first started out with Katsai.

And the poor blokey at the postoffice must be more relieved than I am that they finally arrived, as practically every trip I've made to the postoffice since I ordered them I've had him sifting through the packages to be picked-up, with the hope that they were sat there waiting for me and that the postman had some how forgotten to leave me the notice... ;P

And as you can see...

.... I think they're quite a photogenic bunch!

I also want to thank the lovely (and very talented) Danielle and the very talented (and equally lovely) Anuska for their input on my dilemma over updating my blog's banner. You convinced me!
Now lets see if I remember how I fiddled about with it last time to swap-over to the "new look" Katsai here too... gracias chicas!!


beakee said...

Hey! The new tops are beautiful! Love the blue and orange ones. Some day... I will own one of your pieces ;)

Danielle said...

your cards look fantastic. well done! looking forward to seeing the banner change. thanks for the mention too :)

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Such cute, cute tops and cards!