Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The new blue toile tunic top in my last post seems to be quite popular at the moment (3 sold to date and more lovely people interested in when I'll be making more!) so I made a trip down to the fabric shop today to pick up more of the bright blue cotton used for the main body pieces.

Needless to say -although I did manage to control myself pretty well in hindsight- I came home with more than I'd planned on shopping for. Why do I have absolutely no will-power whenever I go fabric shopping?!

The new acquisitions are a gorgeous and very original printed fine off-white cotton (the lined prints of the flowers has a sort of very subtle texture, like as if a very small amount of latex was added to the inks... gorgeous!) and a lovely retro geometric printed stretchy knit with lycra.

Mmmmmmmm! .... so many possibilities :)

EDIT: almost forgot! I've been adding to my website again over the last few days. I now have a second page (!) which is a "lookbook" -couldn't think of a better name.

Check it out here. I used the Splashr web-app featured in an earlier post and after a bit of tweaking am really pleased with the end result. Shame I can't get a white background though...


Danielle said...

I've started taking lists into fabric stores so that I can't get side-tracked! Sometimes it works.... sometimes not ;)

paco peralta said...

Hola Katsai.- Ahora soy yo que paso a visitarte y contemplar estas maravillas que nos ofreces en tu blog.......pero, necesito tiempo porque son muchas y fantásticas. Te dejé respuesta en mi blog respecto a tu pregunta. Saludos y hasta pronto. Paco

Ahhh...que sorpresa, estás en BCN también. Me alegro vecina!!!.