Friday, May 11, 2007

The wonders of Flickr and Splashr

I've had an account on Flickr for some time now, and love the communities and visual booty to be found and appreciated there. However, I hadn't really checked out the possibilities of using it as a "tool" until now.

A quick google took me to Splashr, a site that has developed a number of applications or widgets that let you present flickr images in a myriad of different formats.

A quick nose about and i came up with this interactive "Desktop" presentation, which reminds me a lot of the Flash presentations on Etsy :)

I'm thinking of incorporating it into my own Katsai web page as a "portfolio" of sorts ;P Thanks Splashr and Flickr!!

NOTE: Start by pressing "continue". Then click on a photo to enlarge it. Click it again to reduce. Or, press play and watch the little animation! And the little "?" down bottom brings up a help menu if you want to see what more can be done :)


beakee said...

Wow! I didn't know this tool existed... it looks really slick! I'm off to play with it now :)

lucy said...

Thank you for showing that flickr tool !!! I was just looking for one.. and hoping it will work in the MySpace Blog :-)

katsai said...

hehe, have fun both ;P and thanks for stopping by!

Sheknits said...

Your blog is awesome! I wish I new how to
1.Do flickr +
2.add links to the side
I am so non-geeky...oh well
Can't wait for you to make my stuff!

Idyeroving said...

Thanks for the info. I didn't know about that tool and have been thinking about using Flickr a bit more.

jessprkle said...

how cool! what a way to waste time! LOL
must... stay... away... from widget

Estercity said...

Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me encanta.
Te seguiré visitando

RAQUEL said...

Hola guapa!!!!
Cuanto tiempo sin pasar a ver las cosas que estás haciendo. Que sepas que soy la modelo numbre 1 de la pulsera roja que me diseñaste en exclusiva y todo Madrid ya la conoce!!!
Continua així i ens veiem d'aqui poc!!!!
Molts petons

Isis said...

I've just tagged you - hope you don't mind. I thought it would be a good way for showing our European Street Team to the world. Please take a look at my blog and select 5 etsy sellers for the game. Hope you go on with it.


katsai said...

haha Isis! Wapita just tagged me too!.... now to figure out what i have to do ;P