Friday, May 11, 2007

The wonders of Flickr and Splashr

I've had an account on Flickr for some time now, and love the communities and visual booty to be found and appreciated there. However, I hadn't really checked out the possibilities of using it as a "tool" until now.

A quick google took me to Splashr, a site that has developed a number of applications or widgets that let you present flickr images in a myriad of different formats.

A quick nose about and i came up with this interactive "Desktop" presentation, which reminds me a lot of the Flash presentations on Etsy :)

I'm thinking of incorporating it into my own Katsai web page as a "portfolio" of sorts ;P Thanks Splashr and Flickr!!

NOTE: Start by pressing "continue". Then click on a photo to enlarge it. Click it again to reduce. Or, press play and watch the little animation! And the little "?" down bottom brings up a help menu if you want to see what more can be done :)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

happy feet :)

As a self-confessed flip-flop addict (....see my earlier post about toed socks i was knitting so i could wear my beloved "chanclas" in winter too round the house ;P), with two broken little toes two summers running to prove it (!) I've really enjoyed discovering some new flip-flop alternatives that have been featured over at Coolhunting this week:

First we have the Papé sandal all the way from Brazil... home of the ever worshipped hawaianas...

They look so comfy, and the endless ways of wearing them along with the ability to change the fabric whenever it tickles your fancy (watchout fabric stash!!) I think makes them my dream shoes for this summer... Now just to find out where to get hold of a pair ;P

See the original Cool Hunting post here, and the Papé web page here.

Then, secondly we have the Dopie sandals, which are so original too and seemingly easier to buy online... hmmmm, more shoe lust!!

See the original Cool Hunting post here, and the Terra Plana online shop here.