Thursday, February 08, 2007

We're getting there!

Well, we're getting there!

Been particularly busy this week working on new designs, new colour combinations, and "producing" for both Nina's Boutique and my Etsy shop.

This red top has been popular, both at Etsy and the shop here on C/Verdi, and so now i've chosen another fabric combination... and also adapted it into a short shift-style dress!

This dress is a little large on me (I'm extending the Katsai size range)... but you get the idea.

Until i get hold of more of the khaki green fabric, this version is only available at Nina's... but i'm searching ;P


janaina said...

oh i just love it. i love the combinations and everything. the dress is adorable!

great work! i just love your designs!


Maile said...

this is you! ha! I just came here from the flickr group, only to find out that i've mentioned you twice in my blog! I love your stuff.

Nature vs Machine said...

Cute design-I love it! I just found you on Etsy Time Machine.

katsai said...

thanks all! REally encouraging :)

I'm finally back online!! Yippeeeeee!!!1 Haven't managed to get together a new post yet, have such a backlog of stuff to catch up on now i've got my internet back :(

In the meantime, thanks for dropping by... and i promosie to update soon :) LOTS of news just don't know where to start ;P

Anonymous said...

Greta design and color choice ! :) Love the all around simplicity of your pieces.