Monday, November 20, 2006

KATSAI is in the shops!!!

Ok, well, just one shop, for now, but what a place to start!

Nina's (c/Verdi 39, 08012 Barcelona) is the most exquisite little boutique and has the most amazing designs... the majority of which are lovingly designed and made by Nina herself in the studio at the back of the shop.

Nina's shop is a classic in the Gracia fashion-shopping scene, and was one of the first designer boutiques to open up in the neighbouhood. I just feel so honoured to have my clothes there!

THANKYOU, Nina, if you're reading this, for all your support ;P

So, these were the four models I've been working on over the last couple of days. Two short-sleeved tops and two 3/4 length sleeved tops, one of each in the black/white colourway, and in the red/white colourway.

They are simple cuts, made out of flowy ever-so-slightly striped fabric, that drape for a casual-chic look, that is topped-off by the contrasting bands around the wide boatneck and sleeves.

I hope you like... and be sure to check them out in person!


Gretelein said...

Que bonitas!! Sabes más o menos el precio??? Me han encantado!!

Gretelein said...

Acabo de entrar en tu tienda de abay!! Que bonito todo!!!!

katsai said...

Gracias guapa!

Mady said...

Felicitats!!!!!!!!!!!!! i han quedat superxules!!!!! Fins i tot són més originals les de màniga llarga!! (la propera vegada escriuré en castellà per que la gent ho entengui, ok? per cert... sabras que sóc jo?!?!!?!??!?!)

katsai said...

sisi.... sé que ets tu ;P I que tal en angles?!!! jajajajaja.... hauria d'escriure els posts del blog en castellá també, a veure si m'animo a traduir-lo una miqueta ;P
T'agraden els tops? jejeje, merci guapa!! ptonitos