Friday, November 17, 2006

OK, so i'm a sucker for a "good" gadget

What are they gonna come up with next? And WHY am I immediately sucked-in by any new fangled gadget fad?!

Spanish electronics and appliances company, Fagor, have just announced their hi-tech answer to the turmoils of giving up smoking: The Nicostopper.

This handy little gadget acts as a dosifier-come-pshychologist, rationing your daily cigarette count and supposedly offering you advice to help you give up the habit.

Reportedly, its creators say that 75% of smokers who have tested it out have managed to give up for the 6 months the trials have been on the go. OK, so its on my christmas list....

Here is a link to the full story, with videos, in Spanish. Couldn't actually find any further details in english.... must be just we spanish-residing citizens who still maintain the ugly habit that is smoking ;P


Gretelein said...

Lo que inventa la gente!! Dónde iremos a parar!!! Por cierto, es genial la torerita del post anterior!

katsai said...

jaja, gracias Gretelein.... creo que estoy teniendo uno de aquellos días cuando mi castellano no "rula".... he tenido que buscar "torerita" en el diccionario :( Que verguenza!