Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Not your usual Crayola - works by Pete Goldlust

Some of you may have noticed that I've been gradually adding to the links on the righthand sidebar of the blog. One page that is a definate "must see" is the blog over at Make magazine.

Crammed full of ingenious diy inventions, inspirations and weirdness, they have recently featured these amazing works by artist Pete Goldlust.

So simple yet so beautiful and original.

My first reaction was to rush off and find the box where my old wax crayons are buried and get to work with a good sharp knife. However, theres no way i'd get anywhere near the perfection seen here... and with my clumsyness, I'd be sure to end up with a couple of fingers less!
Hope you enjoy, and are as amazed as I was... and don't forget to checkout Pete Goldlust's own web page!


Carlos said...

el blog de Make es genial, de visita obligada. también hay un grupo de make en flickr, con miles de fotos para recrearse e inspirarse:


anuska said...

como me gustan, son geniales!!!
me lo pido!!! ^_*

Carlos said...

igualmente katsai, que pases unas felices fiestas y un feliz año! pasalo muy bien en noche vieja si sales.

lo del mulled wine suena muy bien! :)
¿a ti te gusta el hardcore? bueno, si te gusta, yo creo que el grupo que he puesto es de lo mejor de los 90.

Robert Vandenbego said...

Hola! Realmente un blog muy original, me gusta. Me pasaré con asiduidad por aquí.
Feliz 2007!

Robert Vandenbego