Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Saturday Night Vintage"... remixed!

Hahahaha, sorry, just had to add this, as i found it so funny, and unfortunately it doesn't translate into Spanish well...

Theres a wacky "translator" tool over here that will "translate" any web page you tell it into the dialect you choose... here's what it made of my post from a few days ago, called "Saturday Night Vintage", tranlated into Cockney!

I think its hilarious!!!!!!.... love the "bloomin' pipin' detail" bit!!

I'm bloody well quite taken wiv this bag: a more elegant fabric purse that reminds me of them excellent vintage "Granny Bags" yer can find wiv a bit of luck in an 'idden oray junk shop ;P

I repeated the bloomin' pipin' detail 'round the edge of the flap and lined the bloomin' bag wiv a gorgeous contrastin' bright pink fabric...., do wot guvnor! i luv the bloody flash of colour wen yer delve inside!

I made the button meself too.... it's actually a five centimos euro coin, wiv waddin' ter give it a luvly domed shape and covered wiv the same vinyl/polipiel as the base of the bag ;P

This 'andbag and many more are available at my online shop over at Etsy.

You can find out more about Cockney Rhyming Slang, in english, here , or try out another translator here.

Y, en castellano, puedes descubrir más sobre el Cocnkey Rhyming Slang aquí

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