Tuesday, April 15, 2008

more to come...

Well my blog posts seem to becoming few and far between... sorry about that for anyone who may have wondered where I'd got to: I'm still here!

It's been a fairly busy week, what with family visits (which have been great!) and trips down to the post-office to send my goodies to their new homes, my shop is getting emptyier by the day (so much for my determined attempt to restock ;P).

But, I do just about have two new Militario tops ready to list (just need to hand-sew the strips and buttons onto the 2nd one and thats it!) in my Etsy shop, so hopefully visitors to the store in the next few days won't be too disapointed by the reduced stock?

This has been one of my most popular designs so far, with lots of enquiries and interest, which is really encouraging! I know I've said this before, bu at some point I just HAVE to make one for myself too.... I'd hate to be left without, as it really is one of my faves too ;P

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