Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Where did Spring go?!

So as of a week or so ago we're officially in Springtime, right? So what happened??!

A month ago we were at around 20º each day (ok, so not "normal" either) but now we're back to wearing scarves while at home, picking up the brolly on the way out just incase, and only dreaming of flip-flop-weather! Moan moan groan..... ;P

Been busy, as ever, and here's some of what i've got to Show & Tell:

Started knitting some toed-socks so i can still wear my beloved flip-flops even if it is just round the house ;P I actually finished the first one already, now i just have to make it to completing the pair.

And two new tunic tops hot off the manequin and listed in my Etsy shop :P

...Just for the record, i FROZE taking these pics!!!

edit: links to patterns used for toed socks...
GEISHA SOCKS from Spun Magazine
TOE-UP "SOCKULATOR" from The Knitting Fiend


Georgia said...

Lovely! I love that diagonal striped fabric and toe socks are great for around the house. :)

katsai said...

I sort-of over bought on that fabric (in all three colours ;P) and didnt really know what to do with it until i came up with this design! .... still the black one left to make...

And toe-socks are the ultimate must-have for a flip-flop-aholic as myself... don't know why i didnt realise before!!!

Thanks for dropping by, Georgia :D

Amy C. Martin said...

Those toe socks look like a great idea... I pretty much live in flip flops in the summer, but like to have socks on in the house for some reason :) And I agree, this weather is crazy - I want summer, or at least Spring!!

katsai said...

Hiya Amy, thanks for stopping by!
I still haven't finished the 2nd sock, but i WILL!

I'll try to fish out the links for the patterns i'm using and edit the post :)

2nd vote here for atleast Spring!! ;P

Mizdragonfly said...

Totally adore that model, especially the red one. Great style, cut and fabric which pulls the shirt's look together. I would looooooove to have one. ;)