Monday, March 26, 2007

mini-update... to get me back in the swing of things ;P

Its been a while! I just don't seem to have got back into the swing of things since me internet connection at home was fixed... And then it got to the point that it was becoming quite a challenge to decide what to post after so long, so "mañana, mañana" i found myself convincing myself, and here we are.... more than just a couple of weeks later!

Its good to be back online though. How i've come to depend on internet for even the simplest things, nevermind running my Etsy shop. News, tv guide, recipes, street maps, the weirdest little niggle question like what WAS that actor's name or etc etc and of course contact with those that are far and not so far... don't know how i coped with just day to day life without internet!!

In the meantime i've been working on some new pieces, and most importantly new patterns!! I hope to get some decent pics in daylight tomorrow of the first finished top from the new patterns, and get to list it on Etsy :P

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