Wednesday, July 11, 2007

goings on...

The first big news of the last few days was a real suprise and of much excitement for those of us Etsy sellers who are members of the newly formed European Street Team I spoke of in my last post.

Last Friday (well, for part of it), THIS was the home page over at!

All creations shown in this feature are made by European sellers on Etsy... thanks to the lovely "Treasury" list put together by Pamela Angus.

Personally, this was the first EVER time that one of my creations had been featured on the home page (see fabric bangle at bottom-middle ;P) and its just great that we, Ye Ole Shop owners over on this side of the lake, got such excellent coverage during a few frantic hours :)

All artists featured enjoyed extra visits to their shops and a few new 'favourites' awarded by generous etsy shoppers and browsers. Lets hope we get more exposure for more of the European shops back up on the Home Page soon!

Aside from this I've been busy working on, and listing in my shop, a number of new summer tops in different sizes and original bags and totes :)

... I'm really getting into this fabric-printing lark!


Stereoette said...

i cant believe that it was your first time on the front page! i love all these new tops you're doing...

katsai said...

Yeh! it was great :) ... and i've been on again twice since which is really excellent! I feel like I'm becoming a front-page-hog ;P

thanks for calling by stereotte!