Sunday, February 03, 2008

stocking up.... after a little hiccup

Well the first few items are now up for sale in my shop!

Its been so long since I last listed anything that I'd forgotten half the steps and info needed on Etsy ...and also how really BAD i am at the descriptions!

Aside from from re-listing a couple of my old favourites, I also added a brand new tote and another version of my Urban Chic jacket.

The "little hiccup" mentioned was being left without internet AGAIN for a few days. The new router broke, can you believe it? And after only like 3 or 4 days of use... Maybe, in our desperation after such a long wait, we burned it out! Luckily we've still got the old router from the last ISP/flat, so we've hooked that up until they get round to replacing the "new" one.

Its at times like this that I'm pleased I hang on to so much clutter...


Morrgan said...

Ack, too bad about the internet troubles! I suppose I'm lucky that hubby is so keen on getting new shiny things, we now have two routers as well. Good to have a backup.

Good to see more items in your shop again!

Mireia said...

Nena!!!! T'ho compraria tot!!!!!!! La xaqueta vermella i el bolso a ratlles són genials!!!!

mmmm.... hem de fer negoci. Per compra directa hi ha descompte, jejeje!!!!!

belula said...

Me preciosa!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this jacket! Will you be coming up with more jackets in the near future? ;)