Friday, February 15, 2008

UFO/WIP no-more :)

So knitters speak of WIPs and UFOs... and what might these be, you ask? And what do they have to do with Katsai?!

During the packing/unpacking stages of the recent house move, I realised I was accumulating a suprisingly extense collection of WIPS ("works-in-progress") and UFOs ("unfinished objects"). Pair this up which with my slight "hoarding" affliction (ie: never throw away what you could find useful in the future), and you get the embarrasing situation that my fabrics/clutter/recyclables/tests/prototypes/small family of mannequins, etc. were possibly the largest chunk of volume in the removal van!

Hence the title of todays post: one down, just a "few more" to go!

As you can see, I recently finished the top I had planned for the fabric printed (and blogged about here) way back when, and i must say i'm over-the-moon with the results!!

I'm really quite taken with the finished piece, and it seems I'm not the only one, jeje... I listed the top in my shop just 10 days ago and it has already been honoured with 26 (yes, 26!!) "hearts" all awarded by generous Etsy folk!

Truely encouraging stuff! WHat can I say? It really gives me the enthusiasm to continue with my vow to reduce the rest of the UFO casualties lurking in my studio. Thanks to all who shared their Etsy-love around!!

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