Tuesday, July 01, 2008


After quite a quiet time recently I've been updating my shop the last couple of days. Check out the pictures below...

And in the meantime I've been:

- working on new patterns and techniques (watch this space!)

- playing with crochet threads again making up hems and yokes (see halter below)

- shopping more fabric (mmmmm!)

- making a couple of much needed summer pieces for myself (including a super-dooper Katsai summer bag! ...I really SHOULD "treat" myself more ;P)

- and the best of all, doodling sketches and brainstorming ideas sat out at our new balcony table and chairs! Such luxury to have a space in the fresh air... must remember to get a picture to post!!


Queen B. said...

Beautiful, as always... :)

beakee said...

Hey Bonnie :) Your new top with the crocheted detail is absolutely luverly!! Very nice work.

Danielle said...

Just wanted to quickly let u know that one of your tops was featured here: http://www.hearthandmadeblog.com/2008/07/shop-tell-me.html

Carlos Alonso said...

long time no see

katsai said...

muchismimas gracias amigos!! You're always so encouraging :)