Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Katsai Love .... and "cava" all round!

For those of you who don't know Etsy much, the site has it's own system of showing appreciation for a seller or item, and also bookmarking or adding them to your Favourites. This is affectionately called hearting by many.

You can see how many hearts any item or shop has by clicking the link on the righthandside of it's page. A pretty little Flash application loads up circling an image of the item or shop in question with all the avatars of the etsy members who have left their heart.

It's been sometime since I took a peek at how many hearts my shop has, and so i was extactic to see this morning that i've reached over 1000 hearts!!

This is a screenshot of my Hearts Me on Etsy. Isn't it amazing?! 1005 users call Katsai a favourite!

I've blanked out the avatars of those etsy members that are most recent, as i wasn't really sure if they'd maybe mind me publicising their affections here on my blog ;P

I'd just like to thank - and pass a glass of sparkly cava around - to all those who have supported my little adventure, all the blogs that have featured my work, all the people who have bought and talked about my designs, and eveyone who has wished me well and encouraged me along the way :) A thousand hearts to you all from me!

Woah, that sounded like an award winner's prize giving speech! Haha, but i really do feel like an award winner this morning... Humour me, ok? :)


deedeen said...

wow! Congrats! More than a thousand herats, it's incredible, you are a lucky one!!!

deedeen said...

Sorry, I meant HEARTS...