Friday, August 17, 2007

Printing addiction

Those of you who have visited my blog before will already know of my fastly growing addiction to printing my own fabrics.

I started out printing tshirts years ago, just for friends, and then recently got the itch again so started printing fabric with my own designs and making them up into original little tote bags.

The, many trials and tests later... and much detergent along the way... i found the formula for which paints and which fabrics work and last best, to print with my designs, for clothing that can be worn and washed indefinately without fading :)

These are the first two printed garments I put up in my shop:

The blue one already sold out (the first one just an hour after listing!) and the red one is a new addition I finished just yesterday.

....ooooh, if only the summer was everlasting....


deedeen said...

So nice! Have you got a special sewing machine to do your jersey stuff???

Stereoette said...

i love that flowery print, katsai!