Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Buzz (part 1)

Following this useful link from digg I managed to dig up some links that I'd lost track of, to some of the amazing features Katsai has had around the blogosphere.

Selling and building up a reputation online is so much to do with word-of-mouth, and I'd just like to thank, once again, all the fellow bloggers and etsy members who have spread the word about Katsai :)

I'm actually trying to compile info to finally update my own web page with more than just my "Etsy Mini" and an email link. I plan to include links to Katsai "press" and a portfolio section probably making good use of the Splashr widget I mentioned in a a previous post.

Here are some of the articles that had my head spinning when i discovered them!

SwankShow - "Verde"
LarkinandCatcher - "Katsai at Etsy"
She's a Betty - "Etsy Finds: Part X"
Vintageous - "Katsai: Original designs to wear & accessorize"
Modish - "Sucker-punched"

Thanks so much to all for taking the time to spread the word :)


deedeen said...

Nice idea that splashr, need to take a look... I really need 36 hours' days!

katsai said...

haha, tell me about it Deedeen!